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Hydraulic Repairs

Onsite Crane Repair

Cylinders Rebuilt and Tested

Pneumatic and Hydraulic Cylinders repaired in house, professionally machined, honed, polished and resealed by our technicians. For $30.00 minimum tear down and inspect fee we will take apart and inspect all parts and take measurements of wear and determine if it is cost effective to re-chrome or machine new part and always giving our customer their preferences first. All chroming is performed 3rd party. Our standard warrantee is 90 days. 


Pumps Rebuilt and Tested

All makes! We can bench test, flow test and estimate efficiency for all of your pumps.Valves and Motors Rebuilt


10,000 PSI Porta Power Jacks Annual Inspections / Repairs

We are factory repair centers for BVA Hydraulics, Ram-Pac with factory direct rebuild kits.

We NO LONGER repair floor jacks, transmission jacks, barber chairs.