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Railroad Hi Rail Vehicle Maintenance

We are the Hy-Rail Authorities For Washington & Oregon.

Hi Rail Installations

Perform Full installs of Hy-rail equipment on your vehicle and are certified to do it. All popular brands including Harsco, Mitchell, Rafna, Shuttlewagon, Diversified metal fabricators.

Hi Rail Inspections

GOVERNMENT 49CFR214 INSPECTIONS from a detailed checklist in our facilities. Track test all vehicles after any modification or inspection. Experience has shown us what to do get the job done right, quickly and correct the 1st time. How do we know, we Track Test it. We know how to work on any of the major Manufacturers and are Certified.

Hi Rail Alignments

Diversified Metal Fabricators


Precision alignments that are string-lined on our racks accurate to a 1/8" inch and more importantly setting the weights properly and shimming the gear if necessary.

Mitchell Equipment Corporation designs great ultra duty gear for large applications like cranes and loaders down to truck sizes.

Hy-Rail® or Ryd-A-Rail® or Hi-Rail® has become a very popular method of traversing rail today. It allows many types of vehicles to get to areas that were only accessible by trains themselves. By providing a means of of getting specific vehicles or machinery down the track for maintenance, railways have provided safer and more accessible rail routes for trains to pass along. We service many of these manufacturers of Hy-Rail® such as Harsco (formerly Fairmont Tamper), Diversified Metal Fabricators, Aries, Mitchell, and Rafna systems.

Fairmont Tamper™ 0307 Hy-Rail® rail gear attachments adapt to many light-duty pickup trucks and utility vehicles for railway travel. These attachments incorporate many versatile design ideas which enable these units to outperform other similar guide wheel attachments.

The 0307 wheel units combine steel wheel arms, two-piece, rubber-tread guide wheels mounted on smooth running Fairmont Tamper torsion suspension, and many versatile truck mounting applications. Each wheel unit has a wheel load capacity of 700-lbs utilizing the Fairmont manual actuation method that requires little effort to actuate or we can even automate your units, therefore lifting & lowering the guide wheels into the rail position is a snap.

Let us be your one stop for your Fairmont Tamper™ Rail Gear Equipment. We have refurbished wheels, complete replacement units, and our own Alignment System for precise calibration of your rail gear with our Certified Fairmont Hy-Rail® Technicians. Call us today at 1.800.500.4399 or Email Us! Sales@hydraulics-inc.com

Diversified Metal Fabricators (DMF) 1630 and 1019HD series Hy-Rail® rail gear attachments adapt to medium and heavy duty vehicles. These units are easy to operate and maintain due to its ease of operation and being hydraulic powered.

Aries 900 series Hy-Rail® units are also another manufacturer of Hy-Rail® that is adaptable to medium duty vehicles. These units are similar to DMF's units.

ARI  GE CapitalHydraulics has proficiently installed, string-lined and performed Federal Railroad Authority 49CFR214 Inspections since we completed training from Harsco Track technologies in 2000.

We know our railroad customers.  As a partner authorized ARI Fleet management repair center, we see our share of railroad track maintenance equipment.  We can perform your annual FRA 49CFR214 hy-rail inspections here or in the field.  We cater to Roadmasters & Foreman’s to come on-site and minimize their fleets being offline, avoiding being short of track support equipment when they get busy.

We customize your fleet equipment:

  • Add track lube systems like Robo-lube graphite sprayer systems for your Hy-rail vehicles.  Factory direct installers.
  • Reposition equipment on the trucks like hosereels, welders, and radios to accommodate the changes your track maintenance workers need to get the work done FAST!!

Welding & modify brackets, ladders, steps and moving tool boxes are no problem for our techs, You just tell us where you need and we’ll make sure the weights of the trucks won’t be disturbed so you can flange down the railroad tracks properly with your Hy-rail gear.

We install new & used Hy-rail gear. We are factory authorized distributor for Harsco, DMI, Mitchell and will even install and inspect your used Hy-rail gear. We also know shortline railroad companies are growing as the big boys sell off spur tracks to save maintenance costs. We are help to help minimize your fleet spending dollars and can help retrofit your track maintenance vehicles that you acquire at auction to help you meet your Federal Railroad inspections and keep your equipment running.

Tool circuits. We can fix or sell new components. We are authorized distributors for Reelcraft, Coxreel, Hannay reel. We can repair & replace Aeroquip tool circuit hoses.  We stock hose reels! Don’t wait. Get them today!

Eaton Aeroquip

Eaton Aeroquip Hose

Repair all fluid hoses & replacement with Eaton Aeroquip hose.  The #1 brand in the world creating performance and longevity after we’ve replaced factory minimum requirement hoses.


Spiral Hose Wrap

Spiral Guard Polyethylene Spiral Hose Wrap

Spiral Guard hose sleeving is constructed of a specially compounded material that resists oils, lubricants, gasoline, and most solvents. It can withstand ambient temperatures ranging from -100°F to +240°F, and it has a high resistance to ultraviolet weathering. Spiral Guard is designed with an outside edge radius. This eliminates snagging and cut fingers when bundling groups of hose or cable. Spiral Guard is used on, but not limited to, hydraulic, pneumatic, agriculture and mining to transport and distribution.


MaterialHigh density polyethylene (high molecular weight)
Thickness.090" wall
ColorsBlack—standard stock product. Optional colors available upon request
For Hose I.D.3/16" to 2". Also styles for bundling multiple hoses
Temperature Rating-100°F to +240°F

And with our hose protection products like plastic armor guard hose wrap, EPHA hose patches and Codura ballistic grade fabric protection socks installed on those important hoses that are exposed to getting hit, we take the time to eliminate premature wear hazard areas.

Anti-Wear Hydraulic Oil

Preventative Maintenance on your Hydraulic Systems

Filter existing oil and remove water, dirt & oil with our filterbuggy filtration system or total replacement of the oil with our Vickers approved 50% post consumer recycled hydraulic oil made by  Safety-Kleen (PDF - 790KB). We know hydraulics and how to keep your systems running 100%.

Reelcraft Hose Reel

Reelcraft Twin Hydraulic Hose Reel

To accommodate longer lengths of twin hydraulic hose, Reelcraft has adapted a dual fluid path and incorporated it into our mobile base 9000 Series hose reels. The 9000 Series offers the greatest amount of rigidity due to its heavy gauge base design. Reels may be floor, ceiling or wall mounted, but are specifically engineered for truck mount applications.



  • Corrosion Resistance parts are individually powder coated prior to assembly for maximum protection against the elements.
  • Superior Strength Reel is constructed of high grade-grade industrial steel and offers the greatest amount of rigidity
  • Long Service Life Our drive springs are made from scaleless blue spring steel and conditioned to remove any imperfections resulting in years of trouble-free operation.
  • Ease of Use standard bottom wind configurations utilize UHMW guide rollers for effortless hose pay out and adjustable bumper stop.

Distributor for Aeroquip Quick Disconnects

We are a premier distributor of Quick disconnects like the only HTMA tool circuit approved quick disconnects by Eaton Aeroquip the famous FD49 series specifically designed 5 & 10 gpm units @ 3000 psi with Flush face performance. Zero leakage!!! Trust no other flush face brand, they are made to service higher pressure with lower flow and the Eaton Aeroquip has HTMA (hydraulic tool manufacturer’s association membership approval which means Aeroquip has a special insurance rider coverage which specifically protects your company and its employees for damages. Guaranteed! No other Flush face coupler on the market has that kind of coverage.

Crane Inspections

Crane InspectionsAnnual crane inspections are required yearly and we can knock those out too with you hy-rail and D.O.T inspections all under the same roof by our techs.

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